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“Jonathan, Thanks for the amazing discovery of what my BMW x5 is supposed to look like - NEW AGAIN! I live on the Ocean at Sunset Beach and the salt air here just gives cars a beating. My ride is 8 years old and I was having the hardest time getting water stains off both the body and the glass. I appreciate the time that you took to explain how every product worked together to make everything look just like new. I've tried so many different car washes, waxes and treatments over the years but have found NOTHING that works as good as the Griots products.. Aloha Colin James”

Colin James March 23, 2017

“We purchased two farm trucks that had been seriously neglected in the harsh Hawaii environment. Jonathan showed us the Complete Compound as an easy way to clean up the trucks and get rid of all the grim and dirt on the paint. He even showed us the complete process for taking care of the vehicle from start to finish and helped detail both trucks completely. I didn't think the complete compound would be enough to bring back some shine to the paint but it worked wonders. Griot's products are wonderful and it's great having someone like Jonathan to show us how to use them properly.”

Ryan Meyer August 22, 2016

“Jonathan always sees me washing and detailing my car, so he told me about his products. Said I could get the swirls and scratches off the paint of my car. Well, he finally convinced me to try his stuff out cuz I was getting ready for a small car show. WOW!! the before and after was night and day. You could see the real ocean blue pearl my car is suppose to be instead of looking almost black. I used the car wash soap, then paint prep, clay bar, 2 stages polishing and wax. My Sapphire looks beautiful now thanks to Jonathan and his products. I wouldn't hesitate twice to help promote Kia'i car care products.”

Randall Waddell December 12, 2015

“I had very bad oxidation on the fenders flares of my truck. I had tried other products and could not remove it. I was ready to get those parts repainted, when Jonathan told me he had products that could remove it. I didn't believe him but was willing to try. Sure enough he removed the oxidation. He recommended sealing the truck afterwards which I did then and there. My girlfriend said the truck looked so good, she wanted me to detail her car using Griots products. Thank you Jonathan for the introduction to High Quality car care products, and a multi step process. Its a huge difference from the "stuff" you get at the automotive stores.”

Ross July 19, 2015